Liz Della Croce of The Lemon Bowl

Post by: Jaclyn Sarandrea

Liz Della Croce is the writer and creator of a healthy food and lifestyle blog called The Lemon Bowl®. Liz has been creating and sharing recipes since 2010 and places an emphasis on using real ingredients, turning recipes passed down from her ancestors into modern-day meals and putting a spotlight on seasonal dishes. Her career began in the hospitality industry after graduating from Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration. Liz has been featured live on the TODAY Show, and in various magazines such as: Women’s World magazine, Shape magazine, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, Food Network Blog, Huffington Post, TODAY Food, Tastespotting, Foodgawker and The Cooking


Q1: What does a normal day look like on the job? The-Lemon-Bowl-Head-Shot-Resized (1)

Since I work from home I don’t have any specific start/end time as I have to be accessible to my assistant or photographer via text or email anytime from 7 am to 11 pm at night. That said, I do have four hours of childcare in the afternoon which is when I try to schedule all of my conference calls, work on contracts, respond to emails and work on blog posts. I also work most weekends and holidays. (In fact, I’m typing this on Passover, a Jewish holiday, just minutes before the meal starts.)

Q2: What strengths or traits do you have that make you great at your job?

I am really good at cooking, food photography and food styling which is important because I develop recipes for a living and am hired for food photography and food styling. I am also really good at business communications and contract negotiations which helps me foster new client relationships.

Q3: What are some skills that you would like to improve on?

I would like to get better at streamlining communications with my virtual employees. Since we don’t share an office or see each other in person on a regular basis, there are a lot of back and forth emails and texts during all hours of the day which is hard since I have two toddlers who need my attention during the 20 hours a day I don’t have a babysitter.

Q4: What has been on of the biggest problems you’ve had to solve at your current job?

Since I started my blog purely because I loved to cook, I had no intention of starting a business. As a result, I now do many tasks that have nothing to do with cooking (the one part I am good at.) For example, social media management, food photography, food styling, writing, hiring/firing of employees, training, contract negotiations, accounts receivable/accounts payable, invoicing, etc. When you’re a company of just one full-time employee, you have to wear many hats and be good at all things which is not really easy but the good thing is that it keeps things from getting stagnant.

Q5: What are some choice that you have made during your career that led you to your current position?

I decided to become self-employed and started my LLC 9 years ago which has led me to becoming a CEO of a trademarked company now. If I hadn’t decided to go out on my own I never would have become an entrepreneur today.

Q6: What advice would you have for a student or recent graduate interested in working at a job like yours?

I would recommend that you just start creating content that is useful to others. Blogging and social media is best learned by DOING, so just start.

Curious to know more about Liz and The Lemon Bowl®? Follow her directly on her social media outlets: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat: thelemonbowl.


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