The Questions

In each of our interviews, we will be asking a similar set of questions, although there may be some variation depending on who we are talking to. The questions have been chosen to help address a range of information to help future public relations professional navigate towards a career they love.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please feel free to contact us.

The Questions

Q1: What does a normal day look like on the job? (If there’s not a normal day, what has a recent day on the job look like, or what types of things do you spend most of your time on?)

Q2: What strengths or traits do you have that make you great at your job? Why?

Q3: What are some skills that you would like to improve on? Why?

Q4: What has been on of the biggest problems you’ve had to solve at your current job? What did you learn from that?

Q5: What are some choice that you have made during your career that led you to your current position?

Q6: What advice would you have for a student or recent graduate interested in working at a job like yours?